How to care for your fresh flowers

06 May 2020


Thank you for all your lovely support for my fist blog post . After posting last week I went on Instagram and asked followers what they would like to read and one thing came up numerous times was….. How do I look after cut flowers?

So I have put together a quick guide on what to do;

Firstly, admire them, tell them they look so pretty, thank the person who sent them or yourself for buying them.

Credit; A Room in Bloom



Head for the sink in your house.

Take off all wrapping and packaging. 

Take off any leaves or thorns below the tying point on the flowers.

Grab a scissors or preferably a sectaurs and cut each stem 1cm at a diagonal angle. This type of cut exposes more stem so that the blooms can drink more water.





Grab a pretty vase. 

Clean the vase. I recommend using a little drop of bleach in water to clean them between uses and to help kill off any germs.

I would recommend a waisted vase like below.




Clean water is essential for flowers, fill up vase one third of the way.

Place flowers in vase of clean water.



Pop them in a spot in the house so you can see them regularly and admire them.

Not in direct sunlight, lots of sun is good for plants not so much for fresh flowers.

They don’t like a draught or ripening fruit either (I know they are little fussy)



Every 2/3 days grab your vase of blooms and head back to the sink.

Make a cuppa and grab some chocoloate, sit and procrastinate about changing the water (Just checking to see if you are still reading!)

Empty out old water, clean vase, pour in some fresh water 

Recut all the stems, take out any wilted flowers and place back in vase


Repeat every 2/3 days this is the key to prolonging flowers life


Questions and Suggestions

If you have any questions please let me know or any future topics you would like covered drop me a line.


How to care for your fresh flowers