Top Five Wedding Flowers This Season

This wedding season it’s all about bold and beautiful florals, intertwined with classic flowers
such as the garden rose. All the wedding flowers crafted at A Room in Bloom are unique to
the couple, with our flowers rotating throughout the year to ensure only the freshest
blooms are used.

Handling everything from bridal bouquets, bridesmaid flowers, buttonholes and corsages
to venue and church flowers, A Room in Bloom work with a wide variety of flowers each
day. The vast range of options for wedding flowers can be overwhelming, which is why our
florists have rounded up the top five wedding flowers for this season.


For couples tying the knot around spring, peonies are in season to those add those soft
and classic colours to your palette. Fluffy, peony blooms create volume to any bridal
bouquet or wedding decor. Available in varying shades of white, yellow, cream, pink and
red, peonies compliment most wedding themes.

Decorate your venue with vases of peonies and cascading foliage for a bohemian touch, or
opt for something more minimalist with a bouquet of white and cream peonies dotted with
green buds and leaves.


Vibrant and fun, poppies are a versatile choice for wedding flowers. Poppies compliment
most other flowers when arranged in a bouquet, but can also act as a statement piece.

Though we’re most used to seeing poppies in the classic blood-red colour, poppies bloom
in a range of different colours including ivory, yellow, golden, orange, and red - even
ranging into shades of blue and purple.


Anemones balance perfectly between appearing delicate and visually striking. Anemones
add a whimsical touch to any wedding bouquet and come in a spectrum of colours such as
crisp white, blush, purple, burgundy, red and pink.

Crisp white anemones are the most popular choice for weddings, but this season couples
shouldn’t shy away from pops of colour. Intertwine boldly coloured anemones with other
greenery to form an eye-catching bouquet, or compliment other flowers such as peonies
with the addition of anemones.


Beautiful on their own or perfect to pair with other blooms, ranunculus flowers make for a
stunning springtime bouquet. Ranunculus flowers bloom in colours from dusty pink to
deep burgundy and come with big, blousy petals.

Often paired with trailing foliage or roses, ranunculus flowers make an excellent choice for
centrepiece decorations or buttonholes.


More fragrant than standard roses, garden roses are a staple of wedding flower design all
year round. Garden roses are a timeless and classic choice, whether they’re appearing in a
deep red shade or crisp white.

A bouquet made from entirely roses is a traditional choice for brides, but garden roses are
deceptively versatile. Create bold and visually striking bouquets with a range of rose
colours, or layer garden roses with greenery and succulents for a multi-dimensional

Make your perfect wedding flowers a reality by reaching out to the florists at A Room in

Bloom, who are happy to assist with any questions or queries.

Top Five Wedding Flowers This Season
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