Plants for your garden, that are great for cut floral displays.

20 May 2020

Plants and flowers for cut garden


With everyone having a little more time at home and garden centres open this week (there goes all my money!) Why not plant some shrubs, trees or flowers in the garden, that are great to cut and pop in a vase. 

Like us plants come from large families and there are lots of extended members, I have recommended varieties for some plants below. 


* Disclaimer* All plants need some maintenance and attention, wish there was no maintenance range but all need water, food, light, trimming and little TLC. They will reward you in return.


First up some greens



This silvery grey aussie beauty is a must have in the garden. It is fabulous cut in a vase, on its own or mixed through with some blousy blooms. It’s scent has medicinal properties too. Eucalyptus Cinerea would be my go to variety.

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This is my go to shrub in the garden when I need a little something extra to break up my greens. It comes in colours, green, variegated and dark maroon. My variety recommendation would be Pittosporum Tenuifolium Variegatum.

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Sussex Silver

I love a mix of texture in my greens , this beaut does just that with its spiky texture. Also it is great for drying too. Full name is Ozothamnus 'Sussex Silver'.

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Next up the beautiful blooms



These blousy queens are a garden must have, they are very easy to grow in Ireland, come in a variety of colours and flower heads, single and doubles. Even if you only get one bloom from this plant it is worth it. They sometimes take a little while to settle into the garden and may not bloom in the first year, so be patient. They like a good bit of sun (don’t we all!)

Recommend the classic Sarah Bernhardt, pretty pale pink.

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I would like to think everyone has this in their garden but if not stop reading and go get one.  These old dears are a staple in Irish gardens, they grow into large shrubs so be sure to keep it in check. They commonly come in a range of pinks unless they are in the south west where they can grow blue, depending on soil. Once the heads start to change colour they can be cut and dried, just in time for Christmas. There are too many varieties I love so I would recommend having a look and see which one is for you. From the mopheads to lace heads, they are all beautiful.

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This shade lover is a personal favorite, they are on the low maintenance scale and I adore their beautiful flowers. They come back every year and need to be divided to keep under control.

Recommend variety ‘Sprite’ soft pink colour

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Couldn’t leave these old girls out, amazing garden flowers. You can get so many types, from standard shrub roses, climbing roses, for around arches to low growing carpet roses. There is a spot for one in every garden. The classic garden roses from grower David Austen are my favourites, due to their wonderful scent and dense petals. They do need a bit of attention to keep the greenfly and black spot at bay. 


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So I could go on and on and on about garden plants, these are a few of my favorites. If you are heading for the garden centre, ask staff there for advice on plants, care etc they are fountains of garden knowledge.


Questions and Suggestions

If you have any questions please let me know or any future topics you would like covered drop me a line.

Plants for your garden, that are great for cut floral displays.